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PV MV unit installation instructions I warranty terms.

The POWERVENT SYSTEMS heavy duty cast aluminum blowers are a simple retro fitting, filtered ventilation blower for all types of enclosures and D/C motors. The installation is very simple when the enclosed templates are used for mounting the unit to the control panel or drive motor.

*** please read all instructions thoroughly ***

When mounting a PV series POWERVENT SYSTEM The ideal placement of the blower is on the lower (1/3rd) third of the enclosure, with the vent(s) mounted in the upper (1/3rd) third of the enclosure and located as far ‘’down stream’’ of the air flow as possible. When mounted in this way your panel will experience the full benefit of cooling and dustproofing capabilities of the POWERVENT SYSTEM.

When mounting a MV series POWERVENT SYSTEM D/C motor blowers are ideally mounted on the brush / access plate. The mounting flange is designed to be slightly smaller then the brush access plate of most motors. Keep in mind that when ventilating motors you must also provide an ‘’air exit’’.

The POWERVENT SYSTEMS come in single and three phase units, so remember to check the unit ID label for correct electric power. The 2000 & 3000 series of the POWERVENT SYSTEM are dual voltage motors, the wiring diagram for both high and low voltage is on the motor name plate. The PV 1000 series is a 110 volt single phase unit with an capacitor start motor, there is a wiring diagram for this unit on the template sheet and capacitor mounting location on the unit.

. *** Please have a qualified electrician install power to the unit as U.S. Products Co Inc does not provide warranty for improperly wired motors, or for installation generally.

Step1 Have electrician wire the unit.

Step2 Locate mounting area for unit on enclosure as above guidelines. Tape mounting flange template to enclosure and scribe bolt and air flow holes to enclosure.

Step3 Drill holes for mounting bolts (included) and cut out circle for air flow.

Step4 Mount securely to enclosure.

Step5 Install exhaust vent(s) as per above guidelines.

Step6 Install dual readout thermometer on panel.

(note the inside temp. will be ambient temp. and lead temp. will be enclosure temp.)

U.S. Products, Inc. products are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the invoiced date of purchase from U.S. Products, Inc. or its designated dealer. This warranty is available only to the first purchaser of the product, and does not apply to installation. U.S. Products, Inc. solo discretion to refund the purchaser price, repair, or replace the product if it proves to be defective. This warranty does not apply to those items which, by there nature, are subject to deterioration or consumption, which must be cleaned, repaired or replaced on a routine basis. Products returned must be shipped FOB the buyer location, and U.S. Products, Inc. shall have no responsibility or obligation for shipping or packaging cost. This warranty does not apply and is void if, in the sole discretion of U.S. Products, Inc. the Powervent System has been disassembled, modified, tampered with, damaged, abused, misused or misapplication or has been serviced or modified by a unauthorized party. This warranty applies to Powervent Systems sold by U.S. Products, Inc. and that can be identified by a valid and registered serial number. The warranty and remedy set forth above are the exclusive remedy of the buyer in connection with the manufacturer, sale or use of this product and are in lieu of any and all other warranties or remedies, written or oral, expressed or implied. U.S. products, Inc. shall not be liable in contract or in tort for any injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential resulting from the breech of any express or implied warranty or in connection with the manufacturer, sale, or use of this product which damages shall include, but not limited to, lost profits, damage to property or damages for personal injury (but only to the extent permitted by law), unless otherwise contrary to applicable law, U.S. Products, Inc.’s liability shall in no case exceed the price paid for the product claimed to be defective.

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