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    Filters are used wherever air is drawn into an electronic enclosure or related equipment to keep internal parts as clean as possible. 

    To order, copy down part # (s) then use our Order Form, and or , phone 800-380-5211 or 610-383-5211 to place an order.  Most major credit cards accepted.

Cartridge Filters - Filter Mounting Kits - Flat Filters - Media types - Dust Collector Filters 

Cartridge style filters made to order with or without permanent end caps:  Our standard cartridge style main filters retro fit onto most blower designs made today.  We have permanent end caps, closed end with center hole, open end sealed with gasket to prevent unfiltered air from leaking into air flow. Our standard media is 10 micron rated HI-LOFT, optional metal mesh or 1 micron pleated paper.  Use our single through bolt mounting bracket w/ wing nut to simplify filter changes on your DC motor blowers, compressor intakes and etc.   Note: If you require sizes other than listed, supply OD Outer Diameter x ID Inner Diameter x LENGTH exp. (6.25''x4.62''x7'') and media type needed, we make the filters you need, call 800-380-5211...
1000 2000 3000 4000
PV1000hemf 1 micron $149.95 PV2000hemf 1 micron $159.95 PV3000hemf 1 micron $169.95 PV4000hemf 1 micron $179.95
PV1000mf 10 micron $149.95 PV2000mf 10 micron $159.95 PV3000mf 10 micron $169.95 PV4000mf 10 micron $179.95
MV1000mf 80% eff, $249.95 MV2000mf 80% eff, $259.95 MV3000mf 80% eff, $269.95 MV4000mf 80% eff, $279.95
1000pf5pk blanket wraps $99.95 2000pf5pk blanket wraps $109.95 3000pf5pk blanket wraps $119.95 4000pf5pk blanket wraps $129.95

FILTER MOUNTING KITS: (includes filter bracket, pre-filter and mounting hardware). Use our single through bolt mounting bracket w/ wing nut to simplify filter changes on your DC motor blowers, compressor intakes, etc

1000 series-$39.95  2000 series-$39.95 3000 series-$39.95 4000 series-$39.95

Blowers without mounting lip on air intake. Attach the (2) enclosed corner brackets to the blower face 180’ apart using enclosed self-tapping screws. Attach filter bracket to uprights using nylon lock nuts, place filter on bracket and tighten.

Blowers with mounting lip on air intake. Drill (2) 5/16 holes 180’ apart. Attach filter bracket to lip using nylon lock nuts. Place filter on bracket and tighten wing nut.


Flat Filter types: Popular filter medias: PERM-STEEL: PS media, 6 layers galvanized steel formed into a fine screen mesh.  STEEL: ST media, 7 Layers of ‘’corrugated’’ galvanized steel formed into a fine screen mesh.  HEAVY DUTY: HD media, 8 layers of ‘’corrugated’’ expanded aluminum formed into a fine screen mesh.  BONDED: BA "shredded’’ aluminum mesh media widely used by OEM’S.

        FILTER FRAMES RANGE FROM 0.25" TO 2".   Filters are fabricated with a multi-layer grid, your choice of sturdy media: BONDED, STEEL, PERM-STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, GALVANIZED STEEL, HI-LOFT, FOAM, etc, etc. Media is securely held in place on durable one-piece aluminum frames. Heavy-duty, washable, reusable filters are designed for long life usage. Replacements are available for filters which become damaged or otherwise non-serviceable. Disposable paperboard frame filters also available. Call today 800-380-5211 to size up filters.

Media type & P.N. description DURABILITY - effectiveness
BONDED: BA Shredded aluminum fines (scraps) MARGINAL- 90.8g/ft avg. arrest 71.5%
THRIFTY: TA 6 Layers corrugated aluminum mesh GOOD- 290g/2.25 sq. ft.
LIFETIME: LT 7 Layers corrugated aluminum mesh BETTER- 571g/2.25 sq. ft.
HEAVY DUTY: HD 8 Layers corrugated aluminum mesh BEST- 585g/2.25 sq. ft.
PERM-STEEL: PS 6 Layers galvanized steel GOOD- 290g/ 2.25 sq/ ft.
STEEL: ST 7 Layers steel BETTER- 300g/2.7 sq. ft.
FOAM: FM 30 PPI foam GOOD- 118g/ft avg. arrest 69%
PERM-FOAM: PF Corrugated SCOTT Foam BETTER- 100 micron rated
HI-LOFT: HL 10 micron non-woven fiber BEST- 10 micron rated
PLEATED PAPER: PP 1 micron pleated paper material EXCELLENT- 1 micron rated

Dust Collector Filters:  Bag & cartridge filters.

BAG FILTERS: Pulse jet or shaker? - Over cages ? - Need cages? - What is the bag media ? -Exact ID of bag -Exact length of bag? - Open end or closed end ? - Current price per bag?  *** note: Please be sure to include what material / contamination etc, is being collected.  Different types of contaminates require specific filter medias.  This will help to ensure proper filter arrestance, efficiency and bag life. Add on after filter bags for sub-micron dust collection available as well. 

CARTRIDGE FILTERS: We make to order different size & style dust collector filters every day.  We carry many different filter replacements for most makes and models on the market.  Please call 800-380-5211 to determine what kind of system is being used, and from that, we will work to assertain filter needs. 

Filter Selection:   Need Help? call 800-380-5211 for assistance.  Below are a few things to think about.

  • When selecting a filter please keep in mind of working conditions. 
  • Is there dry dust, moisture or oil laden air in the area?
  • Take into account possibility of high temperatures near the filter.
  • Keep in mind of average filter arrestance needed to keep FPM & CFM ratings @ peak efficiency. 
  • Please remember that the best filter in the world, is a plank of wood fastened tightly over an inlet.  Remember this, and it will help you in your choice.






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