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Filtered Blowers for enclosures & DC motors: 150 - 5200 cfm ratings listed below.  Cooling Fan Packages & Wash-down Cooling Fans.

  To order, copy down part # (s) then use our Order Form, and or E-mail, phone 800-380-5211 or fax 800-380-5201 to place an order.  Most major credit cards accepted.

Filtered Blowers for enclosures. Click below for pricing & dimensional info.  The PV series filteredblowers will force ventilate cool and dust-proof control panels, drive cabinets, operator work stations and electrical enclosures.  Units include: 10 or 1 micron filter, pre-filter, mounting hardware and ship ready to install.  Units are sized by the total cubic foot volume of the panel / enclosure being ventilated. Installation Instructions.

PV Part #  Max encl. volume CFM

 Motor specs

Blower motor hp.

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PV1001 25 CFV 150 110v/60/1 1/8 (ext cap.) PV1001
PV2001 100 CFV 500 110v-220v/60/1  1/2 PV2001
PV2003 100 CFV 500 230v-430v/60/3 1/2 PV2003
PV3001 300 CFV 1200 110v-220v/60/1 1 PV3001
PV3003 300 CFV 1200 230v-430v/60/3 1 PV3003
PV4003 500 CFV 1400 230v-430v/60/3 1 PV4003

Filtered Blowers for DC motors.  Our heavy duty blowers help DC motors work at peak efficiency. This simple retro fit blower package will force ventilate, cool and dust proof DC drive motors.  The blower flange is mounted to the existing access/ inspection plate 

above the brush holder. Finely filtered, forced ambient air will purge away heat rise and create a strong positive pressure to prevent dust, oils or any contaminates from infiltrating the DC motor. Heat is purged and frame temperatures lowered with the cooler ambient air preventing, thermal overload and tripping.  Units include main filter and pre-filter.       Click below for pricing, flange sizes and bolt patterns. Installation Instructions. need assistance please call 800-380-5211.

part# DC motor  capacity   CFM motor specs Blower motor hp. Order Form
MV1001   10 hp 150 110v/60/1 1/8 hp w/external cap. MV1001

MV2001  60 hp

500 110v-220v/60/1 1/2 hp MV2001
MV2003  60 hp 500 220v-440v/60/3 1/2 hp MV2003

MV3001  150 hp

1200 110v-220v/60/1 1 hp MV3001

MV3003  150 hp

1200 220v-440v/60/3 1 hp MV3003

MV4003  300 hp

1400 220v-440v/60/3 1 hp MV4003

MV5003    400 hp

1800 220v-440v/60/3 5 hp MV5003

MV6003  700 hp

 2200  220v-440v/60/3 7 1/2 hp MV6003

MV9003   1000 hp

5200 220v-440v/60/3 7 1/2 hp MV9003
Cooling Fan Packages ''propeller fans''
The CFP series cooling fans are for use in small panels and tight places.  The CFP fans are flush mount, ambient air systems for use in control panels and electrical enclosures. The system cools the panel with lightly filtered ambient air which will blow away internal heat build up. With a easy to replace filter, this unit is ideal for small shops with a minimal airborne dust contamination. Units sized by (MAX CFV) cubic foot volume of panel. All metal construction for long life and durability.

Cooling  Fan Packages

Part# Max encl. volume CFM Voltage   amp H''xW"xD" $ Price US
CFP100-115VT 20 100 115v/1/60 0.14 8x8x2 $395.95
CFP100-230VT 20 100 230v/1/60 0.09 8x8x2 $395.95
CFP250-115VT 40 240 115v/1/60 0.35 10x10x2 $495.95
CFP250-230VT 40 240 230v/1/60 0.17 10x10x2 $495.95
CFP500-115VT 100 550 115v/1/60 0.28 18x10.5x5 $595.95
CFP500-230VT 100 550 230v/1/60 0.14 18x10.5x5 $595.95

Wash-Down Capable Cooling Fans (-SS- stainless steel option)

Part#   CFM Voltage   amp H''xW"xD" $ Price US
WD-115VT 150 115v/1/60 1.9 18x10x5 $795.95
WD-SS-115VT 150 115v/1/60 1.9 18x10x5 $795.95
WD-230VT 150 230v/1/60 0.75 18x10x5 $895.95
WD-SS-230VT 150 230v/1/60 0.75 18x10x5 $895.95

Replacement filters for CFP units, 2 layers of corrugated polypropylene, $25.00 /5pack

Need Flat Filters for existing cooling fans? We make filters any size and media needed.

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