Prevent production down time & reduce maintenance costs, with the POWERVENT systems.

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Air Conditioners: 1000 - 20,000 Btu/ph rated  High Ambient and Indoor / Outdoor models to choose from listed below.   Control Room Cooling Systems 39,000 - 60,000 Btu/ph.  Use our app. sizing guide for a specific unit referral. Call for a price list today.  Heavy duty Solid State & Compressed Air Cooling systems NEMA 12/4/4x.
To order, copy down part # (s) use our Order Form, or E-mail, phone 800-380-5211 fax 800-380-5201 to place an order.  Most major credit cards accepted.

       Powercool air conditioners 1000 - 20,000 Btu/ph rated units have been designed to dehumidify, cool and protect enclosures & electronics.  Our compressor style air conditioners reduce maintenance costs, and helps keep equipment running.  The sealed closed-loop air design, protects the equipment from airborne contaminates and heat rise that could otherwise end or hinder machine performance. The air system circulates cold air from the unit to the enclosure. Heat and humidity is removed by the vapor compression refrigeration system. A quiet, energy efficient rotary compressor circulates non-CFC refrigerant, used to transfer heat from the heat dissipater located in the closed loop cold air system to a heat dissipater located in the warm air system.

    Units have the option of 115v or 230v single phase (sub 230 for 115 in part number add $75.00). Max operating temp. 125 F. High Ambient HA 135 F. Features include: NEMA 12 rating, digital controller & programmable display, high/low temp alarm, air filter alarm, solid state noise suppresser and closed loop design. HxW is the mounting "foot print" for vertical units, WxD for top mounting units. UL listed and rated. OUTDOOR & WATER COOLED units available.  ***Call today 800-380-5211 for a price list. 

*** REPLACEMENT FILTERS *** $55.00/ per 5 pack. any size !!!

Vertical Mount Air Conditioners

  US Products part# Voltage                     

Btu/hr mounting amps  lbs. H''xW''xD''


AC1000-nsm115v / 230v optional   

1000 vertical 4 38 13x15x8 (Click for diagram) 
AC1200-nsm115v / 230v optional  1200 vertical


42   22x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC1500-nsm115v / 230v optional 1500   vertical 5 42 22x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC1800-nsm115v / 230v optional 1800 vertical 6 42 22x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC2200-nsm115v / 230v optional  2200 vertical 6 55 30x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC2500-s-115v / 230v optional 2500 vertical 8 71 29x19x6 (Click for diagram)
AC3000-nsm115v / 230v optional    3000 vertical 9 55 30x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC3500-s-115v / 230v optional    3500 vertical 9 71 29x19x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC4000-nsm115v / 230v optional 4000 vertical 8 60 30x12x6 (Click for diagram) 
AC5000-nsm115v / 230v optional 5000 vertical 10 80 36x16x7 (Click for diagram) 
AC5000-s-115v / 230v optional   5000 vertical 10 71 29x19x6 (Click for diagram)
AC6000-nsm115v / 230v optional 6000 vertical 11 80 36x16x7 (Click for diagram) 
AC8000-nsm115v / 230v optional 8000 vertical 14 103 42x16x10 (Click for diagram) 
AC10000-s-115v / 230v optional 10000 vertical 18 135 52x18x10 (Click for diagram) 
AC12000-s-115v / 230 optional 12000 vertical 20 135 52x18x10 (Click for diagram) 
AC14000-s-230v only 14000 vertical 12 189  56x20x15 (Click for diagram) 
AC17000-s-230v only 17000


14 192 56x20x15 (Click for diagram)
AC20000-s-230v only 20000  vertical 15 195 56x20x15 (Click for diagram) 
High Ambient  HA-AC4000-nsm-115v / 230v   4000 vertical 10 75 36x16x7 (Click for diagram) 
High Ambient HA-AC5000-nsm115v / 230v 5000 vertical 11 103 42x16x10 (Click for diagram) 
High Ambient HA-AC6000nsm-115v / 230v 6000 vertical 12 103 42x16x10 (Click for diagram) 
High Ambient HA-AC8000nsm-115v 230v 8000 vertical 16 103 42x16x10 (call for diagram) 

Top Mounting Air Conditioners

  Part # & Voltage Btu/ph mounting amps lbs. H''xW''xD''  Mounting
AC2000-ntm-115v / 230v optional 2000 top 6 50


(Click for diagram)
AC2500-ntm-115v / 230v optional 2500 top 8 50 9x10x24 (Click for diagram) 
AC3000-t-115v / 230v optional 3000 top 9 75 12x20x20 (Click for diagram) 
AC4000-t-115v / 230v optional 4000 top 10 60  12x20x20 (Click for diagram) 
AC5000-t-115v / 230v optional 5000 top 9 75 12x20x20 (call for diagram) 
AC6000-t-115v / 230 optional 6000 top 11 75 12x20x20 (call for diagram) 
Sizing Guide: Copy lines below to our E-mail, or phone 800-380-5211 / fax 800-380-5201 for a unit referral*** Note the following calculations have been developed for standard uninsulated metal NEMA rated enclosures for industrial applications.
Name:                         Company:                                 Phone & Fax#            

Products / Application in mind:

Height, width, and depth of enclosure H (_____) x W (______) x D (______)?  

Current internal temp. (__) F? Current ambient air temp. (w/in 3 feet) (__) F

Max internal temp. (usually 85F to 95 F) (__)F  Max ambient temp. (w/in 3 feet encl.) (__)F

Is there a fan or cooling device mounted on enclosure, what is capacity? BTU/ph or CFM (_____)?   NEMA rating of enclosure (if known) (____) 

Free standing (__) machine mounted (__) wall mounted (__) 

Concern is Internal heat rise (__) Dust contamination (__)  Internal heat rise & dust contamination (    )


Control Room Cooling System: CRCS- High volume, super cooled air, portable mounting configuration are all highlights of the POWERVENT CRCS series.  Cooling Capacity (btu/hour) 39,000 - 60,000. Power Supply (volts) 3 phase 220v - 3 phase 460v. Call 800-380-5211 to review sizing parameters and application assistance.

Easily installed right next to or on top of control rooms, these systems provide air conditioning at a fraction of the cost of roof top units. Systems produce up to 60,000 Btu/hr. (approx. 5 tons of cooling power) Call for spec. sheet & pricing 800-380-5211 part# CRCS.


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