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    Dust Collector Systems: scroll down below for applicable units, or if your unsure call for application assistance.

    To order, copy down part # (s) then use our Order Form, and or E-mail, phone 800-380-5211 or fax 800-380-5201 to place an order.  Most major credit cards accepted.

SC Supra-Conic Dust Collector: UAS Dust-Hog series. Dust collector for composites, metalworking, powders, woodworking.

    D-H Supra Conic is a compact cartridge filter collection system, offering 400 to 3600 cfm. Placed near the pollution source to remove dust and dirt. Lift-and-lock filters and a high capacity dust drawer provide for easy particle disposal. Includes air compressor for pulse cleaning. Three models ensure availability to meet your needs. Inlet opening (s) and location must be specified. Units arrived assembled, ready to work immediately.


SC Part# CFM # of filters Filter area Motor hp Inlet diameter Dust Capacity

H'' W'' D''

Weight lbs.
SC600 400-700 1 70 sq. ft 1.5 3-6 1.8 cu. ft 61 22 30 283
SC1700 700-1800 1 92 sq. ft. 3 4-9 1.8 cu. ft. 77 25 33 395
SC3400 1800-3600 2 384 sq. ft. 7.5 5-12 3.6 cu. ft. 80 52 36 685

Fume-Gator Exhaust System: Capturing fumes, smoke and dust at their source for virtually 100% clean air.

Available with 1, 2 or 3 horsepower motors, standard 230-460/3/60 voltage, single phase option for 1 and 2 hp models. Fume-Gator exhaust fans are ideal for source capture of welding smoke or any other contaminated air that is otherwise not breathable. One piece assembly for mounting directly onto wall or column, with connecting ductwork attached to fans outlet, venting through appropriate wall or roof opening. Units are rated 80-84 max sound in decibels. Units ship assembled ready to install

Optional: 7', 10' or 14' swing arm available for specific application needs. Exhausting is made easy with this simple ventilation alternative.

Part# Motor hp LxHxW Outlet
EF-6-1 1 HP 17x 16 1/8x18 7/8' 7 1/2 sq.
EF-6-2 2 HP 22x18 1/8x24 5/8 8 1/4 sq.
EF-8-2 2 HP 23 5/8x19 3/4x27 9 1/4 sq.
EF-8-3 3 HP 23 5/8x19 3/4x27 9 1/4 sq.

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