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Solid State & Compressed air cooling systems - NEMA 12/4/4x rated below ambient cooling systems. Need assistance use our application SIZING GUIDE for a specific unit referral.

To order, copy down part # (s) then use our Order Form, and or E-mail, phone 800-380-5211 or fax 800-380-5201 to place an order.  Most major credit cards accepted.

Thermoelectric Cooling System: TEAC series units are rated from 1000 to 2500 Btu/hr.

TEAC part# voltage

Btu/hr (nom)


weight lbs.


$ price US


















Teac2500-230v 2550 8 70 12x24x9 $4999.00

This solid state technology produces cooling by introducing current to 2 conductors of differing resistance. The result is control panel cooling with no CFCs, no compressor failures, and no moving parts. The refrigerant in both liquid and vapor form is replaced by two dissimilar conductors. The compressor is replaced by a DC power source which pumps the electrons form one semiconductor to another. A heat sink replaces the conventional condenser fins, discharging the accumulated heat energy from the system. These units have no intrusion into the enclosure. The entire system comes complete and ready for simple bolt on installation. Special features include: flush mounting, compact size, ambient range up to 160 F, stainless steel housing, NEMA 12 rated 4/4x optional, and mounts in any orientation. HxW is unit "foot print".

*Flush Mount Design *No Filters *No Compressor *No Piping *Low Maintenance *High Ambient Operation *Compact/ Lightweight *Durable *Reliable *Easy Installation.

Cabinet Cooler System: POWERVENT CC Units consume 8 to 40 CFM @ 100 psi.  With no moving parts, POWERVENT Cabinet Coolers are virtually impervious to hostile environments. Up to 5600 Btu/Hr!

Part# Btu/hr

Thermostat control

CFM@100psi L''xDia'' $ Price US
cc550 no 8 5x.75 $595.00
cct550 yes 8


cc1700 no 25 8x1 $595.00
cct1700 yes 25 8x1 $795.00
cc2000 no 30 8x1 $595.00
cct2000 yes 30 8x1 $795.00
cc2800 no 40 9x1.5 $595.00
cct2800 yes 40 9x1.5 $795.00






Compressed air enters the vortex tube powered Cabinet Cooler and is converted into two (2) air streams, one hot and one cold. Hot air from the vortex tube is muffled and exhausted through the vortex tube exhaust. The cold air is discharged into the control cabinet through the cold air distribution kit. Hot air in the cabinet rises and exhausts to the atmosphere through the cabinet air exhaust at a slight positive pressure. Note: Powervent Cabinet Coolers contain a 5 micron Automatic Drain Filter for the compressed air supply, and a Cold Air Distribution Kit to circulate the cold air throughout the enclosure. Installs in minutes through a standard electrical knockout, includes cold air distribution kit.  Special features include: NEMA 12 rated (4 and 4X optional), stainless steel, thermostat control , long life, and maintenance free. Need assistance use our  APPLICATION SIZING GUIDE.

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